Nepotism News from Kerala

Nepotism News: Kerala State Government:

This report was translated and paraphrased by Sreani Lal from the Malayala Mantram TV program.

The recent gold smuggling scandal that involved the Chief Minister's Office has caused the usually complicit media to take a harder look at the LDF government's hiring practices. Some may also say that the UDF government was even more corrupt. Here are some of the more glaring examples of possible nepotism that have recently come to light.

  • The brother-in-law of CPM State Secretary Kodiyeri  is the MD of United Electrical Industries Limited.  

  • Suraj Raveendran, the grandson of EK Nayanar, is the MD of Kinfra Film and Video Park.  

  • Jeeva Anand, son of A. Anand is the MD of  Kinfra Apparel Park . 

  • T. Unnikrishnan ,son of CPM state committee member Koliakode Krishnan Nair is the MD of Kundra Potteries.  

  • M M Lawrence's relative MD Jose Mon is the General manager of Cochin International Container Freight Station.

  • K Varadarajan's son is the CEO of another PSU.  

  • Left Union leader Prasad Mathew is the MD of Traco Cable Co.  

  • Wives of CPM leaders are given top priority to university teaching appointments.  The wife of a CPM leader was appointed to a college under the Devaswom Board, surpassing 250 eligible candidates. 

The appointment of CPM leaders is not something that can be read in one breath.  

  • Although technically unpaid, the CM is surrounded by 5 advisors with cars and other perks.

  • There are also consultants who earn over Rs 1 lakh monthly. Swapna, (whose exploits in the IT department recently came to light) was paid Rs 1 lakh per month even though she had not passed her school finals. The people of Kerala actually paid Rs 2.5 lakhs through two consulting firms for Swapna to earn 1 lakh per month.

  • Despite having so many advisers, the Chief Minister alone could not find corruption and smuggling in his own department.  

  • The LDF chief minister's domestic staff alone consists of 11 people.  

  • Arun Balachandran, who was appointed as the CM's IT fellow, was Sivasankaran's (the  secretary and shadow of the Chief Minister) right-hand.  These two IT persons cost the people of Kerala lakhs of rupees by traveling abroad during the flood time.

It looks as if the ruling front looks at their relatives first and then looks at suitable  posts they could be eligible for.

If needed the eligibility for the post will be changed to suit a candidate's qualifications.  This technique, started by Minister EP Jayarajan and continued by Minister KT Jalil, was later tested in various departments.  

  • Sukesh R Pillai, a close relative of  Deepu P Nair (Additional Private Secretary of the Minister of Labour) has been given a permanent job in a public sector undertaking under the Industries Department. 

  • Fisheries Minister Mercy Kutty Amma's staff's wife and son of Mr. Kadampalli also got jobs this way.  

Thousands of job seekers, who had studied and struggled are wandering the streets without pay or work.  

In the last four years alone, there have been 187 illegal appointments.  

Of the 51 people who were appointed through recommendation in C-DIT, 12 were selected only to handle the CM's social media.  

Party supporters are recruited in this manner without following any rules or regulations .Their salary ranges from Rs. 30,000 and above . Many new posts are created under the IT department with salaries of Rs. 1 lakh per month or more.

The appointments are being made by G Jayarajan, (husband of CPM leader TN Seema,) director of C-DIT.  

The current situation is that if you want a government job, you have to have at least one relative, as a party member.  Civil Police rank lists are also affected by this.

Meanwhile eligible people are wandering around looking for a job.

Party members are now trying to justify their acts on TV channels but they become fools and idiots in front of the people.  

When the games come to light, the CM puts everything on the heads of the officials.

The CM's position is that 'I have not changed anything'.  The Chief Minister is now the only person who has no connection with the office of the Chief Minister. If this is still the case, this government will answerable to lakhs of job seekers in the state.

Translated and paraphrased by Sreani Lal from the Malayala Mantram TV program.


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