Coping with greater extremes in weather patterns is the new normal

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Coping with India’s new weather trends: Dr Jatin Singh, MD of SkyMet Weather at Agripreneur 2019

Weather: India's biggest problem?
Dr Singh started his address by asserting arguably that “India’s single largest problem is weather change.” This he maintained is compounded because most of India’s annual precipitation is “squeezed into four months” recent measurement suggests that India received 807 mm if rainfall in the last year.

Weather patterns are becoming more extreme:
Between 1900 and 2000 we averaged just one drought (somewhere in the nation) per year.
Today we are facing alternating drought and flood. Average rainfall is said to be down by 5% and the number of rainy days has lessened dramatically. “This is the new normal.”
The good news said Dr Singh is that weather forecasting techniques have improved greatly. SkyMet Weather also offers the public free use of their flood modelling website. There is also a downloadable app for Apple or Android that offers daily weather, weather maps, special reports and more. There is page that monitors air quality by region into Good, Moderate and Unhealthy.

The sea's the limit: Towards the end of his presentation, Dr Singh predicted that Kerala has the potential to improve on its export of Ocean products. He pointed out that maritime access was relatively open to economic exploitation to all.

Managing weather fluctuations better:
Dr Singh concluded his remarks by urging farmers to go for new plantings that have greater resilience to weather fluctuations. His words sounded like he was making a gentle push for GMO seeds while acknowledging that the subject was controversial.

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