Big ideas in Brief: Time to protect ALL abandoned women

The Triple Talak Bill needs to be urgently amended as it does not protect abandoned women in any Indian community

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June 26. 2019

Siddharth Varadharajan of “The Wire” argues against the Triple Talak bill and makes a case on behalf of ALL separated women in his podcast “Beyond The Headlines.” 

What we need is a bill that protects all abandoned women regardless of community.

He points out that the recent passage of the Triple Talak Bill in the Lok Sabha is more about polarizing Indian society on communal lines than the protection of Indian women. 

Vardharajan points out that:

1.   1. In India, as elsewhere marriage is a civil contract and that Triple Talak has already been invalidated by the Indian Supreme Court in 2017 as a form of divorce under Muslim Personal Law.

2.   2. Husbands of all communities are able to walk out of their marriages without completing the formalities of divorce.

3.   3. In the 2011 census, 2.37 million women identified themselves as separated . Of these 2.8 lakh were Muslim and nearly 19 lakh Hindu.

4.    4. An ill-intentioned husband of any religion (including Muslim) is still not held accountable if he abandons his wife. The proposed law just punishes Moslem men who stupidly try to divorce their wives by pronouncing the word Talak thrice. Remember, using the word is no longer grounds for divorce.  

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