A top CEO (also former IAS officer & writer), now mentors others

Introducing Mentoring Supports for Entrepreneurs:

You be the judge:
Take a look at the four essays in support of entrepreneurs, that follow below and see how helpful they are to current and prospective entrepreneurs :

An entrepreneurial mentor who offers a synthesis of vital but variant worlds:
Bala brings to his craft the experience of sitting astride four different worlds. That of:

- IAS Administrator,
- Successful Entrepreneur,
- Published Author and last but not least
- Entrepreneurial Mentor.

Here below are four essays that C. Balagopal wrote in his most recent Avatar as Entrepreneurial Mentor.

Vital tips for entrepreneurs:


On Managing Money in an entrepreneurial venture:


Good governance is vital for entrepreneurial success:


Together, let's create an ecosystem that helps entrepreneurs succeed.


The low down on "Bala":
After being schooled at the renowned Lawrence School in Coonoor, young Balagopal went on to complete his MA in Economics at Loyola College, Chennai.

 First as a former IAS administrator in Manipal and Kollam, Bala (as he is known to his friends) left his mark as a young Sub Collector in two widely divergent worlds, Manipur in the North East and Kollam in the deep South.

The young "Balagopal" then did the unthinkable. He shed the prestigious trappings of a respected IAS officer to start at the bottom rung of the entrepreneurial ladder.  When he was released from the IAS at the age of 31 to start his company, nobody (not even Bala) thought it would eventually become the world's leading manufacturer of blood bag systems.

Some thirty years after he started this company, Balagopal wrote his first book based on his experiences as an IAS officer in Manipur, It was published by Harper Collins in 2013. You can read a brief review of his book here: https://www.citizenznews.com/2018/10/introducing-young-ias-officer-and-his.html.

His next book also by Harper Collins is a series of case studies based on his experiences as a Sub-Collector in Kollam. Bala as his friends call him is working on his third book which promises to be a humdinger.

Mentoring Entrepreneurs:
As the above essays and his support of many start ups indicate, Bala now spends much of his time mentoring young (and not so young) entrepreneurs!

If you are an entrepreneur or dream of someday becoming one, please read the four essays listed above carefully.

Being an entrepreneur is never easy and CitizenzNews hopes to help by inviting entrepreneurs and those looking at starting an entrepreneurial venture to select events. We also have special information for this group of adventurous souls. To be listed in this group, please send an email to CitizenzNews@gmail.com with your full name, current occupation, Email Address and Phone/Whatsapp # ?


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