Driver of technology education in Kerala schools wins International recognition for his work

A screen shot from the Kerala Government's Samagra content development portal

Will Kerala's investments in educational hardware pay off in performance?

Technology Education Pioneer in Kerala wins award. K. Anwar Sadath has won the International Contribution Award  from the Association for Educational Communications and Technologies. AECT' s Award was presented  to Mr Sadath  by Philip Harris , Executive Director at  the 2018 AECT  International Convention held at Kansas City, USA on 26th October 2018.

AECT which give out this award annually is the main International association for educational technology providers and instructional design.

Smart Class Rooms: Mr Sadath has been widely appreciated for his implementation of the Kerala High School Tech project which claims to have converted almost 45,000 class rooms into "Smart Class rooms." Says Sadith, "A
ll the classrooms in 2,967 schools now have a laptop, ceiling-mounted multimedia projector, projection screen / painted wall and sound system". Teachers in Kerala go through the portal "Samagra" content resource portal.

To put this in perspective we should remember that the Kerala Legislature web-site estimates that there are 12, 644 schools in Kerala of which 11, 781 are Government or Aided schools. 

Academic Performance? Only time will tell if this investment pays off for Kerala in terms of performance. Kerala still spends only 16 percent of Gross State Product. The National average for other states is around 15 percent. At the low end Uttar Pradesh spends only five percent. At the high end, Delhi state, governed by the Aam Aadmi Party has been spending over 25 percent GSDP and claim to have increased the academic performance of Government School students to the point that they aggregate 9 percent higher than Delhi private school students

Kudos to the Kerala government and Mr Sadath for taking the lead on this technology in schools strategy. Let's hope that it pays off with improved results.



    1. Thanks for sharing. Academicians indicate that Kerala's indigenous population will have negative growth by the 2021 census. By 2025 migrant workers and a fast growing contingent of migrant family members could constitute up to 25 percent of Kerala' population.

  2. Education has long term impact on important determinants of welfare and well being, butvit also has short term impacts that are beneficial. Witness the astonishing turnaround of the Delhi Public Education system after the AAP Govt initiated steps to raise investment in thebsector and brought in experts to supervise the project.


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