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Ease your entry & exit when you pick a good Airport hotel
Most people would agree that arriving and leaving through an airport is the least enjoyable part of travel. The longer the distances traveled the more we’re inclined to agree with this proposition. People who travel frequently especially can benefit from leveraging a customer friendly airport hotel.

Case Study on an airport hotel in Cochin, South India: This writer's view of how to cope with airports changed radically the other day when we checked into the Lotus 8 Hotel at Cochin Airport. As a frequent traveler from the United States or Europe I too have had my share of excruciating airport experiences but our experience in Cochin suggests a rethink of our airport coping techniques in future.

Here we discovered the difference a few hours of sleep, Internet access plus a satisfying shower, shave and whatever, can make to one’s outlook on life. Throw in a freshly made cup of coffee, and we had most of that jet lagged feeling behind us. Friends of travelers are doubtless disappointed that they are not rousted out of bed at the crack of dawn {wink} but that clean shaven, freshly changed ambience the traveler produces upon arrival is a joy to behold.

Plan for quality travel experiences: Savvy travelers have always understood that people usually get the experiences they plan for and that having timely support services during a business trip or vacation helps them get a lot more done. These days, International travelers through Cochin are also catching onto the fact that if time really is money, then sometimes it makes sense to spend a little money on a hotel, thereby saving quality time.

Helping Travelers Achieve More: The Lotus 8, a hotel with its 58 comfy family suites, is walking distance from Nedumbassery Airport. The “Lotus” is really in the business of helping it's guests get more done in the very limited time they have available. The Hotel’s thoughtful support of travelers begins with a free airport pick-up or drop-off for guests.

Client Friendly Management: The Hotel’s user-friendly price flexibility was developed by Marg Hotels who manage the property. This is one hotel that takes its commitment to guest satisfaction seriously. They have voluntarily opted for unusually flexible accommodation packages that reduce their margins, and increase the hotel’s administrative responsibilities, to give their guests multiple ways to save money, time and energy.

The tips that follow are suggestions to prospective travelers to and from Cochin, are from an interview of Mr. Adarsh Mohan, General Manager of the Lotus 8.

Tip 1: Consider resting in Cochin if you are flying in or out at odd hours. Most International flights arriving or leaving from India are scheduled in the wee hours of the morning. Travelers are better served getting a free pick up or drop off at the airport for a refreshing nap and shower at the Lotus 8 before travelling to their final destination or flying out.

The Hotel’s innovative five hour rate package makes it possible for travelers to reduce jet lag upon arrival and /or travel rested and presentable to their final destination. Need more sleep? Go for the 12 hour option.

Getting to your destination early all scruffy and woozy is not a great idea! If someone is picking you up, they can share your two-room suite and nap on the couch.

Tip 2: Consider meeting family, friends or business contacts by using the Lotus 8 as an operational base so that local folk can more easily visit you. Inviting Cochin based family, friends or associates to a good and reasonably priced meal at the Lotus 8 on your way in or out cuts down on having to make visits (getting stuck in traffic, choking on local smog and other dubious delights).

Lotus 8 suites have kitchenette’s and living rooms so you can entertain guests in your suite or at one of the Hotel’s three dining spots (the Jade multi-cuisine restaurant, the Rooftop Restaurant and “Aces” the coffee shop).

In addition to the customer friendly five & eight hour options, the Lotus 8 also offers rates for 12 hours and 24 hours (with breakfast for two included on all package). The 24 hour option is perfect if you have a few things to do in Cochin when passing through.

Tip 3: Organize business meetings or “family-get-togethers” for up to 100 people. Celebrating an anniversary or birthday? Make it easier for people to attend by locating it centrally. Guest invitees also have access to the free Wi-Fi offered in the Hotel’s restaurants and lobby areas.

Senior executives of companies headquartered elsewhere can hold meetings with local personnel without having to contend with local traffic. 

Tip 4: Buy more or better gifts for family in India or abroad by staying an extra day and shopping in Cochin. When purchasing gifts for family and friends in India you don’t have to lug them in when they are often available for less in Cochin. Purchasing gifts for friends abroad? Use Lotus 8’s Concierge who can advise you on where you can buy what? Some merchants will send merchandise directly to you for a small fee.

Tip 5: Make better use of expensive travel time with Lotus logistics.
In addition to the Hotel’s free drop off and pick up option, Lotus 8 guests can avail of an array of logistical services. Need to ship a gift? Even book a houseboat? Lotus 8 will make the arrangements for a nominal service fee.

For guests who need onward transportation, Lotus 8 will guarantee a fair price and also offer advice on the various options available. Taxi drivers who serve Lotus 8 guests are interviewed and verified to ensure guest satisfaction. Fares are comparable to the airport pre-paid counter price.

What is the point this case study is making? Take a few minutes to study an airport and available options while you are waiting for your flight. This writer discovered that Cochin is a great airport to fly into. It is run by CIAL, a private consortium and considered one of the best run in the nation. You are less likely to have to encounter aggressive customs personnel. The airport is big enough to have all the needed infrastructure yet small enough to be comfortable.

Unlike many Indian airports, Cochin actually handles more International than domestic travelers. With 5.23 million passengers using the international terminal in 2017-18, Cochin Airport handle more International travelers than Bangalore or Hyderabad and almost as many passengers as Chennai. Many of these International travelers are Indians working abroad and visiting family and friends in Kerala. 

Cochin’s strategic location and the many rate choices offered by Lotus 8 allow these savvy travelers to make optimal use of their hard-earned time. Lotus 8 guests actually save money and improve the quality of their experience when they spend strategically on cost effective accommodation.

The bottom-line: Plan for a quality airport experience: People spend hundreds of thousands of rupees on their International travel plans. A couple of thousand rupees spent to improve their arrival or departure experience is money well spent.

Travelers who want to reach Lotus 8 can visit their web-site at
or call +91 484 261 0640  

Written with the intent of improving our readers travel experiences) as part of a consulting project for Marg Hotels which manages the Lotus 8 Hotel under contract.                                                         

When CitizenzNews writes a piece on behalf of a client it is italicized and always labelled as such even though the information is still accurate and useful.

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